Monday, May 19, 2008

Quiet on the Set!

So last week I did my very first set visit. I went down to New Orleans to watch some filming on Final Destination 4. Aside from what you'd expect to see on Final Destination movie set (lots of extras experiencing a case of shrapnel-face), I also saw and experienced a lot of the cool 3-D effects they're planning to use.

"Pshaw. 3-D. Enjoy the gimmick, sucker." I hear you scoff. That's right: I HEARD YOU THROUGH THE INTERNET.

But before you dismiss my experiencing, know that no other film has attempted Digital 3-D on location. I really hope they do an in-depth featurette on the DVD where producer Craig Perry (a highly knowledgeable and entertaining fellow) explains how they pulled off some particularly difficult shots, like putting the 3-D camera in a car that's filling up with water but making sure that no water gets on the mirror that allows for the 3-D picture to come together.

I'll have more on this once I finish writing up my full report for the site that sent me,