Friday, April 25, 2008

The Weekly Website - FindSounds

Welcome to our new feature that will be a huge part of our redesign: The Weekly Wesbite! Wouldn't it be awesome if instead of trekking across the vast expanse of the Internet looking for useful websites that can help you in your filmmaking goals, someone just did that for you? Someone did! We someone! That someone is we! Our grammar is good!

But even better than our grammar are the sites we'll be providing. And don't worry: you're not just going to get one site a week and that's it. We're not going to hold out on you. But on C-47 2.0, you're definitely going to want to bookmark our resources page so you can find stuff like this site:

You can lock someone in a specially-designed acoustic room and force him or her to make various noises you can later use when dubbing your film in post, but we wouldn't recommend it. Either you have to let them go, feed them, or explain that weird smell to you neighbors AND get a new foley artist. Better you just visit FindSounds which can take care of your Sound FX needs.