Thursday, January 31, 2008

Help Us Help You will soon be undergoing a major redesign. We have our own ideas about what the new site should feature but we'd like your input as well. What features do you like from other sites that we can ste--I mean, borrow. Borrow. We have every intent of returning those features. Please comment below or send your thoughts to We love our viewers and our readers and this site is for you so it should feature what you want.

One things we've already stol--I mean borrowed. Borrowed. We've borrowed the SHARE THIS button which you will now see at the bottom of every post. This will make it easier for you to submit our posts to major news sites and to e-mail our posts to friends. It will be part of our redesign but since we can share it with you now, we figured: why not? Help us help you and we'll help you help us. We'll all help each other. Group hug.