Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What Are You Doing at Midnight?

Okay, so you've watched The Daily Show and followed it with half of Leno (oh, his one-liners are so easy!) and now you're right on schedule to cry yourself to sleep at the stroke of midnight (or have your carriage turn back into a pumpkin). But wait! Before you break out your good crying pillow, why not watch a program that will wipe away those tears (we can't do anything about the pumpkin): C-47: The Georgia Short Film Showcase! Our new episode premieres tonight! You can see a great film, see a great interview with a great filmmakers, learn about great film happenings in Georgia, and get a piece of great bit of Georgia filmmaking history! It's too much great for one episode (we had to pay a fine)!

So wipe away those tears, weepy. Enjoy a brand new episode of C-47: The Georgia Short Film Showcase TONIGHT!