Monday, October 29, 2007

Rapido! Rapido!

So what are you doing this weekend? Besides gorging yourself on the Halloween candy you refused to give to children. Well, if you're not too full of fun-size Twix, you may want to get involved with the Rapid "i" Competition this weekend from 7 PM on Friday, November 2nd to Sunday, November 4th at 9 PM. You'll have 50 hours to make a great short film. Time is already ticking away. PANIC ATTACK! PANIC ATTACK!

The details are here but remember: you have till 9:00 PM on October 31st to register. So what are you waiting for? Oh. You're waiting to connect to the site because your Internet is slow. I get it. Well after the page loads, get to it! And hey, maybe after you've finished your film, you may want to submit it to C-47. It's what all the cool kids are doing.