Friday, November 16, 2007

Georgia Film News You Can Use!

You know, as opposed to news you can't use, like "Are their bugs in your chocolate?" Not only is that not related to film, but even if there were bugs in your chocolate, you've been eating chocolate for years and you're okay. I say as long as they're no longer discernible as bugs, let 'em in there. They have protein.

And now if you're not too grossed out, the news!

The Winners of Rapid-i-Movement

We brought it to your attention (we'll take credit where ever we can get it) and now the winners of IMAGE's Rapid-i-Movement have been announced. They are...

From Group A + D

Tibet's Trust - Ten-X Films
Team Captain Scott Balzar

Petunia - Another Look
Team Captain Marla Johnson

From Group B + C

No Vacancy - LightHog
Team Captain Keith Hooker

Done in One - Mavin Productions
Team Captain Matthew Cornwell

Congratulations to the Finalists. Their films will screen at the 2008 Atlanta Film Festival, will be televised on Comcast On Demand and will be eligible for Jury Awards and prizes at this year's festival. They may think they're better than me, and they would be right.

AFI Directing Workshop for Women Calls for Applications

There is a depressing dearth of women directors in Hollywood. Sofia Coppola is only one woman and Nora Ephron only recently got paroled from director jail for the awfulness that was Bewitched. So we need more women voices in cinema and Diablo Cody hasn't decided to direct yet, so the call falls to you. Established in 1974, this tuition-free program is dedicated to increasing the number of women working professionally as film and television directors by providing them with the education and resources necessary to their first step towards career advancement by directing a short film (which they may want to submit to us...just a thought). Applications can be downloaded from and must be postmarked by January 4, 2008.

So what are you waiting for? Oh, an encouraging word from me? Well then, go and get some! Hollywood needs you and they need you to show them that you're better than just second-rate romantic comedies and Lifetime network television. I mean, work is work but you've got vision and talent and the world always needs it.