Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm Still Exhuasted From The Greatness

Last Sunday night I attended the taping of our June 20th show. I can't tell you where and I can't tell you who but I can tell you that our show is going to blow you away (the C-47 website promoting the C-47 show? Shock!).

I know it sounds like I would be positive no matter what, but believe me, as the web guy, I was the most useless person there and that's a good thing because all the talented people were busy setting up lights, making sure that even the shortest of segments came out perfectly. Our new host Mike Brune was charming, funny, and the interviews he conducted were educational even for the most educated cinema studies major like myself.

So why was I there? Well, other than swiping all the food from the craft services table (I was starving from watching other people work so hard), I wanted to see the interviews and get a taste of the upcoming show. And much like a mother bird regurgitating food to her younglings, I share that taste with you and it's delicious.

Oh, and our website is about to go atomic but instead of death and mindless, painful destruction, it will be full of content and rich, fascinating material. Get ready because C-47 is about to come at you in a big way.

Seriously. You may want to invest in an underground shelter of some kind. Just make sure it has Internet access.