Tuesday, April 17, 2007

C-47 + AFF2007 + You = GREATNESS.

You can't argue with that equation. It's science.

C-47 will be at this year's Atlanta Film Festival. Oh hey, you're gonna be at the film festival too? That's cool. We should totally hang out. Here's where we'll be.

FILM BUS! - C-47 goes on a trip around Atlanta with filmmakers outside the community as we try and convince them that not every place in the city is named after Ted Turner and that Atlanta is a great place to make movies, even if those movies aren't about Coca-Cola or Hartsfield Int'l Airport. The bus is kind of full, but check this blog and it will be just like you were without the stopping to go to the bathroom every five minutes.

- You know all those panels you're planning on attending so you can learn to be a better filmmaker. We're co-sponsoring those! You'll see us at...

The State of Independent Film - Current trends in indie filmmaking and why you need to know about them.

The Write Stuff - Everyone has a great idea for a movie but few know how to translate that idea into the write...I mean right format. And after you finally commit that great idea to the page, what's next?

International House of Production - Minus the hearty breakfast but plus a delightful buffet of knowledge about distributing and exhibiting your film beyond the comfy shores of the United States.

Conversation on Animation and the Making of First Flight - DreamWorks animator Kyle Jefferson takes you inside the creative and technical process of making this animated short film.

Getting The Right Rights For Your Documentary Film - Nobody wants to get destroyed by the legal system when making a documentary (unless they're making a documentary about getting destroyed by the legal system). This panel will talk about how to successfully navigate shark-infested legal waters.

A Conversation With Will Packer And Rob Hardy Of Rainforest Films - How do you distribute films without losing your love of films? Isn't it a fact that the business side of filmmaking crushes souls? Packer and Hardy will tell you how they've managed to brave film distribution with souls still intact.

Get Your Act Together! Your Business Act! - Hey, you're an awesome actor so why do you keep getting turned away from auditions for being too "human" or too "oxygen-dependent"? Where's your super-agent who's gonna fight to get you every part you richly deserve? Attend this panel to find out how you can balance your craft and your business acumen.

INTERVIEWS! - Upstairs from the Landmark Midtown Art you'll find a bar called The Independent. Inside The Independent, you'll find the Filmmakers Lounge where we'll be interviewing festival participants and you'll be sharing stories of filmmaking over a beer, if you're so inclined.

We'll also be attending screenings, after-parties, and all other kinds of happenings. So if you're at the festival, come by and say hello! Don't be rude. Say hello. Don't see us from across the room and avoid eye-contact and be all awkward. We're your best friend when it comes to independent filmmaking in Atlanta. So now that we're so close, you only have to introduce yourself and watch this space!